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Firewood at Lincs County Firewood

Lincs County Firewood has access to large amounts of waste timber from our associated tree surgery company. Carefully selecting and processing the most suitable timber enables Lincs County Firewood to supply our customers with a high quality product.

All of our logs are mechanically processed on site, kiln dried then left to naturally season vented bulk bags.

Our process ensures that we supply a firewood product with a low moisture content that burns hot and at its highest capable efficiency.

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About our Firewood

  • All logs produced from recycled waste timber.
  • Kiln dried
  • Naturally seasoned
  • Low moisture content

Seasoned Logs

Sold in 1m³ bulk bags our processed and seasoned logs contain a mixture of hardwoods including Oak, Ash, Silver Birch, Beech and Maple.

£75.00 / £70.00 (3+)

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